It's A Celebration

Falling leaves adorn our city streets and suburban lawns. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and sure I may be biased because I’m an October baby but who can deny its beauty and the plethora of fall activities?

The beginning of this week doesn’t only mark the last week of October but also this little munchkin’s day of birth.

One Year-Old Daisy

They say “another year older, another year wiser,” and well I can definitely say these past couple of years Life has really thrown me in for a loop bending me all sorts of ways—good for me that I’ve taken up yoga! Wisdom definitely comes with age, and age brings about experiences that come with time–so I’ve learned to not rush growing up ( can I still say that?…). It’s another life milestone, so what better way to celebrate my quarter century on this lovely planet earth than to go on a wine tour? #AgingLikeFineWine if I do say so myself–I don’t have all these white hairs for nothing!

bday babyOctober 30th delivered a bundle of joy (no I am not a Halloween baby, and yes I have had costume parties, for those wondering minds), and while many people were preoccupied with Halloween and costume shopping, I have looked forward to the Daisy festivities. Looking back, my birthdays have been pretty stellar filed with delicious home cooked food, l laughter, piñatas, music and an home feeling like a sauna due to our rather large family–but no bigs the more, the merrier!

Was I the only kid growing up with the fear that no one would show to your birthday party? It’s like that recurring dream where you go to school…with no pants. Well I was that kid, not the one without pants of course, and my oldest brother doesn’t let me forget my But-nobody-is-coming-to-my-birthday anxiety…trust me.”Did their invitation not read 6:00 p.m.?!” Eventually, I came   to realize it wasn’t that nobody would show up but that my family is notorious for showing up late to family functions. What a relief but poor, little  Daisy knew not.

Looking forward to the Sunday Funday activities, and I guess Daisy two years ago was already planning for the wine extravaganza! [see below for the wine bottles found in Paris…]

Check out my wine adventures by following #DazyTurns25

Wine For Days

Wine For Days

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