Vitamix? Yes Please!

Eating veggies is not my forté—I like them but, like many, I fall victim to not eating the “recommended” amount. This past summer after tasting a green smoothie my younger cousin had made I started experimenting and blending an array of greens including kale, spinach, broccoli and celery along with fruits. I saw it as an opportunity  to increase my greens intake! Don’t know how much truth there is to it but I’ve heard juicing can actually reduce the natural fiber found in vegetables and fruit (it’s been on my “Daisy-wonderings-to-research” list; my curiosity keeps a running list). Instead of using our fancy shmancy juicer, it’s enormous and set aside the fact I don’t know how to use it (ha!), I turned to my handy dandy blender.

Arriving from my morning runs or weekly spin classes, I’d whip out the blender and throw a bunch of ingredients into the jar: pineapple, papaya, the previously mentioned greens, ginger, “yogie” (yogurt),  coconut water/water/juice among other produce and blend away! Of course, using them on a rotational basis one day this, one day that. Shortly thereafter, I couldn’t stop hearing about the Vitamix and how awesome it was—yes, I know where have I been, I’m late to the Vitamix game/craze. After asking around and hearing nothing but great comments, I bit the bullet. Using some birthday monies from the birthday-pool (a good number of coworkers and I pitch in X amount to get each other birthday gift cards) and then some, I purchased the Vitamix 6300 (red base of course, gotta have my flare).

Meet my new frand: Vita

Meet my new frand: Vita

To my surprise Target online delivered the product earlier than expected! Even better since that meant I could play with my new kitchen toy sooner. It’s been a week now since I purchased the little booger, and I have to admit I am LOVING it. Why? Not only does it reduce the amount time spent on blending but because of its powerful motor there aren’t any lingering fibers the blender would leave behind. Noise level is also significantly reduced (I’m sure my roomie a.k.a MommaBear appreciates not hearing that in the early AM). So far, the “smoothie” feature has been the only one test driven, but I can’t wait to use the soup and frozen dessert features as well!

Have any favorite recipes you’d like to share? I’m all ears and taste!

Vitamix & recipe book

Vitamix & recipe book

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