You lose control…

Little did I know that a Groupon deal for a month of yoga would turn into such an integral part of my daily life…of my Daisy self. Since this past March I’ve been practicing yoga, and it hasn’t only tested my physical boundaries but taken on me on a internal, spiritual journey as well. Yoga was something foreign to me that I didn’t quite understand. I had tried it out in high school but thought it to be slow and boring. Having discovered a new form of yoga—hot yoga—I became more enthralled and wanted to dive deeper into understanding the practice.

Improved posture, greater flexibility and a stronger core (I think? hahaha) are some of the physical benefits yoga has had on me. Going beyond the physical, yoga has impacted me in a way I didn’t think it would. I mean sure, I had heard it helped you reach zen, and at that point in my life I needed all the zen that was available #GooseFraba. It’s made me reach a greater depth of self-understanding and serenity. I’m not going to say correlation is causation and maybe it’s just me getting older (#QuarterCenturyClub yay!) but I’m sure it has contributed to my increased patience!

Yoga post

I usually stick around my Tuesday night class and have some “play time” on my mat to practice different postures. There’s something about the quiet and stillness of an empty room that welcome a yogi to stay those extra minutes…So, I may not have totally mastered the transition of crow pose to tripod headstand and definitely somersaulted after having my legs suspended for a split second. The thought flashed lightning quick through my head: “I’m going to fall;I lost control.” Sure enough there was a sudden tumble and thud, but they were oddly liberating! Instead of feeling defeated and focusing on not being able to do something I laughed, got back up and couldn’t stop smiling. I focused on what I had been able to do: lift my legs after reaching the tripod pose of the transition.

We sometimes have to remember that it’s ok to have the sensation of falling, losing control—literally and figuratively. I had fallen on my back and nothing had happened. I was ok. #PracticeMakesPerfect and that nano,fraction of a second was not a failure but progress.

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