On My Radar: Mr. Pauer, Sonido Electrópico!

I ran into Mr.Pauer, birth name Toto González, this past March while I was in Miami on client business. What first caught my attention was his brightly colored wardrobe, and those who know me, know of my strong affinity for colors! So naturally I complimented his sense of style.

Secondly, most of the Latinos I know stand underneath 6 feet–Mr.Pauer,not the case, or at least I don’t think so…didn’t really get around to asking him for his height. [Mental Note: Ask Mr. Pauer how tall he is.] Mix his tall stature and bright clothing, and you’ll get a presence you can’t miss! Ah and how can I forget the very “trademark-able” thick, squared frames that are a staple to his persona.

Since listening to him in March, I can’t get enough of the refreshing sounds and contagious beats that characterize his dubbed genre electrópico. Definitely, looking forward to the artistic contributions from this unique musical talent!

You can bet this is one act I won’t miss if I ever get the chance to see him perform live. Let’s hope the Chicago winds blow him this way very soon! or maybe I might just find myself in Miami to catch a show!

Ready for a dance party? Check out his Facebook page and website!

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