LollaCraze: The Art of Lolla’ing

A word or two about surviving Lollapalooza (Lolla), a three-day music festival. Put on your dancing shoes and let loose.

First point, Lolla Line-Up: Ok, so the Lolla line-up isn’t the greatest, but I’m still up for three days of dancing and music.  For me, it’s about the concert-going experience and discovering new acts with a sprinkle of encore performances (Sylvan Esso, Stromae, RL Grime, Angus & Julia Stone). Although the line-up isn’t stellar, there are several artists I’m looking forward to jammin’ & groovin’ like Glass Animals, Tove Lo, Of Monsters & Men, Kid Cudi, Kygo and Nicky Romero to name a few.

On to my next point, Lolla Gear.  What are some must-have items? Glad you asked! Here they are: dope, cheap sunglasses; portable charger; neon attire; comfortable shoes and well a “fanpack” (fanny pack)–yes you read correctly. I know many will object but hey, when in Rome.

  • Dope (cheap) sunglasses: Who wants to be squinting? Not me, plus sunglasses are like a cherry on top to your outfit or can be a simple way to make your outfit. Note, I say cheap because you’ll be surprised by the amount of personal items that get lost at these types of fests.
  • Portable battery: Sure, last year they had charging stations and there’ll be some this year too, but these bad boys will save you some time idling around. I know the mophie that was gifted to me a few months ago buys me extra hours of “juice” thus more Lolla time.
  • Neon/colorful attire: Given my affinity for colors, it only makes sense to incorporate neon into my Lolla apparel. You’ll definitely see a wide array (and at times questionable) of fashion statements. And of course, I’ll be counting the number of flower headpieces I see…
  • Comfortable shoes: This one is a toughy. I’m super particular about keeping my clothing/shoes looking clean and fresh, and you can’t control weather conditions. One minute you can be dancing under the sun and the next avoiding mud puddles, but as much as you try you won’t be able to escape them…trust me. So throw caution to the wind, and be willing to retire your shoes after this dance fest.
  • “FanPack”: I like this basic one from American Apparel or Amazon provides other good options. Big enough to carry around the necessities but small enough to go unnoticed. Hopefully, I can mosey my way through the “No Bag” line…stay tuned.

This goes without saying that anything you take and wear to Lolla, you must be willing to part with or be ok with its condition post-Lolla. You never know if the weather conditions or a state of stupor cause something to happen to it.

Side note 1: I was so excited to use my selfie stick this year at Lolla until I found out it was banned (sad face); not so much for shots of me. Its purpose would have been more of a “groupie stick,” and not to mention that it gives me an extra vantage point. You can only capture so much standing at 5 feet 2 inches. Whatever, they be hatin.

Side note 2: If you’re going with a group, and you each want to catch different acts establish a meeting point and stay consistent with its location. Choose a landmark or use nature to help facilitate the ease of re-grouping, so you don’t waste time looking for each other. Just make sure to communicate after what acts you’ll meet back up and voila!

Wondering what else you can’t take? Check this link out for a detailed list.

Make sure to follow my three-day festival shenanigans on my Instagram & Twitter and with #LollaDaze.

Disclaimer: Social posts those days may not be as “real time” as I would like since we all know how awesome reception is once you’re on Lolla grounds (your sarcasm detector probably just went through the roof).

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