#LollaDaze @ Lollapalooza: My Life is a Never Ending Concert

Did anyone else notice the crazy amount of dragonflies or was it just me? Okay, aside from what seemed like a dragonfly invasion, one week has passed since my #LollaDaze at Lolla. As much as I would have loved to write this post sooner, after Lolla-ing for three days straight I needed time to muster my energies (side note: at work, the struggle was real.) ….guess 25 going on 26 has its side effects, sigh.

I caught a “pre-Lolla” show (yes, because three days of music wouldn’t be enough, ha!) at the Berlin Club that included an up-close performance with Zebra Katz and a DJ Set featuring Sylvan Esso’s (Nick Sanborn) “Made of Oak.” My primary reason for checking out the Thursday night shenanigans was the fact that Made of Oak would be mixing—I had no idea who Zebra Katz was and hadn’t really heard much of Wild Belle (another guest starring group), and it turned out to be quite the night as two of my sorority sisters also came along for the ride.

People young and old, gay or straight, black, white and all the colors of the rainbow, let go of their inhibitions and danced along with the night’s contagious music and energy. On my way home, I ended up driving by Grant Park. In the stillness of the early morning it was like the calm before the storm, and I knew it would only be a matter of hours before one of Chicago’s landmarks was swarming with people from all over the world to celebrate what music does: bring people together.

Despite people having their reservations about this year’s lineup, I thoroughly enjoyed the performances and my only regret was not being able to catch more! Of course they pit certain artists against each other in the schedule forcing you to make difficult choices—but hey, sacrifices had to be made, as one of my friends and I came to the conclusion when securing our spot for Kid Cudi.

Kid Cudi

Lollapalooza, thank you for the following:

  • Sunshine & Blue Skies: This year’s Lollapalooza experienced AMAZING weather (except the brief moment on Sunday, read below) and actually gave me a nice tan #SunkissedSkin. Who can beat blue skies for a great backdrop to pictures?
  • Kid Cudi: Yes, he gets his own bullet point because his act was that awesome. He opened with REVOFEV and the crowd sang/rapped to every one of his songs including Pursuit of Happiness, Marijuana, Mr.Rager, Erase Me, Memories, Just What I Am and the classic, Day ‘N’ Night.
  • Sunday’s Hiccup: The music fest went on a brief hiatus early Sunday afternoon due to a sever thunderstorm warning in the surrounding Chicago suburbs but this didn’t damper our spirits. The schedule did get a little confusing as it was pushed back but artists were still able to perform–even if for a shorter amount of time. Still, thank you for not raining!
  • Snow Cones: I felt like I was five again cooling off with a blue raspberry snow cone. Downside: temporarily walking around with a blue mouth. #SacrificesHadToBeMade
  • New Acts: I was able to catch some artists I’ve already seen like Angus and Julia Stone, RL Grime and Sylvan Esso but Kaskade and Banks were among the performances I was pleasantly surprised with–I hadn’t planned to see Kaskade Friday night, glad I did! GREAT light show and music was dope.

*Videos to come, stay tuned…

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Music is such a core piece of who I am. I have a couple of concerts on the horizon because well, my life is a never ending concert: an endless composition of bar lines, notes and rests.

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