Love of Self

“Some love isn’t the kind that results in the fusing of two lives into one, but instead can give you new life, a life that has more love than you have ever seen. Understand that some love is meant to change your life rather than give you someone to grow old with…”

As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon “To the Girl Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with Herself.” The title caught my attention, so I clicked. Everything from the opening quote by John Lennon and the quote featured above to the end, everything the writer shared was spot on and resonated with me in several ways.

The dichotomy of fear and love is such an interesting relationship, and although they pull to opposite extremes, there’s something to be said by the fact they can take you on an emotional roller coaster. They can have such an impact on you, your relationships, your attitude and outlook on life. Can the line between the two become blurred?  I definitely think it’s possible.

This article actually brought me back to a post I had started several months ago titled, “The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have,” (it just sat in “draft” mode, sigh). Any who, many would think this relationship entails a family member, a significant other or even a friend. However, the most important relationship you’ll ever have is actually the one with yourself. More often than not, we’re worried about what others think or will think of us if we do or say X,Y and Z. We mold ourselves based on perception of others instead of perception of self. In other words, we become what we think others think we should be instead of becoming  who we want to be based on what makes us happy.

We’re not in tune with ourselves and become entrenched in what the article’s writer describes as a “toxic relationship.” This type of toxic relationship extends beyond self and a romantic one, but I think many of us–including me–have found ourselves in a merry-go-round or shoot, maybe even a roller coaster. As the article points out, you’re going to be more than okay all you need to do is come back to you, and (re)discover the person it is you are because the person who started out isn’t the person who is now. Change is inevitable and the only constant in our lives. It can shape, bend and break you, but know that after all is said and done, you’ll learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Knowing yourself, but above that, loving all your (im)perfections is first in order to create relationships with others. I now understand life on another level more than I did two, even three years ago because I’m that girl who fell back in love with herself.

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