Being 27…

After revolving 27 times around the sun, here’s what I’ve learned…

Well hello again. Yes, I’ve been absent from my little Delirium, and I’ve been meaning to write but then I get overwhelmed because a flurry of topics come to mind and my brain can’t handle it (weird, I know), so I end up not writing (ironic?). I’ve been known to have many “tabs” open:

Recently, I realized I’m closer to my 30s (yikes!) than I am my 20s and I guess this has invited a more-than-usual-pensive Daisy. Here are ten things life has taught me (in no specific order, of course) so that Daisy in X amount of years can look back and add onto this list:

  1. Table for One Please: A few years ago when my friend, who I look to as a sister, told me she loved going to restaurants and eating on her own I thought she was super weird. Flash forward a few years, and I’ve found delight in her little hobby. I get it. Go ahead and give it a go. Cheers, to solo dining!
  2. Veering Off Your To-Do List: It’s okay to skip that workout (listen to your body), ditch doing laundry for a spontaneous morning breakfast (on your own, which ties into number 1). Sure, scratching things off from your list is a remarkable and satisfying feeling, but you’ll live–I promise.
  3. Relationships: Being single doesn’t mean I’m lacking in this department, it just means I haven’t found mi media naranja (other half) hahaha. Friendships are a form of relationship as well, right? The person will come in due time, and for the moment I’ll be patient.
  4. Be Present: [] I adopted this mantra at the beginning of my yoga teacher training program, and the little booger has stuck! Those three little words hold so much meaning for me. I’m trying to be more in the now. Putting my phone away when I’m around others is one way.
  5. Smile: Remember how your smile isn’t dependent on if others smile back. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who don’t know how to react to someone smiling.
  6. Music is Life: Daisy and Music are basically synonymous (listening to some while I write this little puppy). Music Moves. (My) Life isn’t perfect. In fact, it can be ugly, but I have the power and ability to look past its ugliness through art.
  7. Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say: If you say “Let’s grab lunch,” then let’s grab lunch. Keep to your word because that is what people will remember. I value follow through. Sure your smile is your logo, but your word is integrity.
  8. Find Happiness Within: You’ve heard the saying, “In order to help others, you must first help yourself.” Welp, similar concept: Don’t seek happiness from others or things. Be content/happy with who and where you are, and it’ll radiate. Trust me.
    • And know that these happy moments come and go–that’s Life; there’s no constant because the only constant is change.
  9. Strike Up Conversations with Strangers: Welp, my mom did teach me not to take candy from strangers–and I didn’t–but you’ll be surprised by what you can learn when you listen.
  10. Family: You fight, you make-up and you fight some more. My momma bear and brothers are my rock, and I couldn’t thank them enough for supporting me–I’m a handful, I know.


Our experiences are the filter through which we create our perceptions. My experience, in a nutshell, has showed me to let the past teach you but not dictate you. Learn from it but don’t dwell.

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