2017 Bucketlist

They say writing down your goals increases the odds of achieving them, so let’s give this a go.

With a new year, comes a new you. Welp, I’d like to give that a slight change. With a new year, comes a progressed you. Webster Merriam defines new as “having recently come into existence,” while progress is “an expedition, journey…”

You’ve always existed; you’re just (re)discovering certain parts of yourself. Time doesn’t move back, only forward, so cheers to another year of life and to some items I’d like to

  1. Learn to shuffle
  2. Catch a show at The Lab
  3. Become less attached of things
  4. Be (more) Present and Smile (more)
  5. Experience an environment or activity that gets me outside my comfort zone…this one is a thinker
  6. Pass a nice, encouraging note to a complete stranger
  7. Take a BYOB (tehehehe) cooking class with my mom
  8. Craft my DIY concert stubs art project
  9. Go on a [spontaneous] trip (doesn’t matter where)
    • 9b) Before I turn 30: Pack a bag, go the airport and buy a ticket on the spot to wherever.
  10. Pay off my credit cards
    • Exciting, I know. #Adulting

As you can see, some of things aren’t rocket science or lofty goals, but they’re things I want to make sure I work toward and see them through in the coming year.

What are yours? Maybe you’ll spark some inspiration 🙂


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