[Playlist Alert] Daisy’s Top 15 in 2016

By now, many know of my slight affinity for music. Let’s rewind and replay some of my top tracks in 2016.

Listed in no particular order, the songs below include a mix of “oldies” but goodies to fresh new beats that at some point in the year were on repeat in my playlist [and head].  Take a peek, let me know what you think, feel free to send some music recommendations my way and check me out on Spotify or SoundCloud!

1. Say It (ft. Tove Lo) –Flume (Anna Lunoe Remix)

The Daze Factor: This song has the je ne sais quoi (literally, I don’t know what) about it. Anna brings a new vibe to the song with its drops and synths. Love the signature touch she added to her Aussie counterpart’s work.

2. Intoxicated –Martin Solveig

The Daze Factor:  The song’s title is pretty appropriate, but before you jump to criticizing the artist as condoning said behavior take the song for what it is: catchy beats and a fun chorus: Let’s dance/ No time for romance/You got me intoxicated... High on music. Totally feel this one.

3. California –SNBRN (Chris Lake & Matroda Remix)

The Daze Factor: You know when I say music moves (literally and figuratively), this song takes me back to when I saw Sam Feldt at one of the North Coast Aftershows. The 2:03 mark, yes please. #BeatDrop 

4. Radioactive –Anna Lunoe

The Daze Factor: No surprise that my #SpiritDJ  made it on here twice, hahaha. She slays when it comes to producing, that is all. I love what she does in combining high energy beats with empowering lyrics. This song is about overcoming your fears/doubts (any lows) and using them to fuel you: You caught me off guard/ You’re dragging me down…Energy, atomic power, nuclear showers don’t stop me. Keep on trucking along my little friend.

5. Giving It All –Bondax

The Daze Factor: A serendipitous find! I stumbled upon this English electronic house duo after needing to quench my live music thirst. Checked out some upcoming local shows, saw their name, bought tickets and then peeped at some of their music. #NoRegrets. This song is chill, but at the same time it’s uplifting and the female vocals add another feel to the song. Definitely one of my favorites.

6. Dimension 7 –Eptic

The Daze Factor: One word: #HeadBanger. My musical tastes are very  diverse and scattered. I don’t ascribe myself to one genre. This little puppy’s bass will travel through your body.

7. Rinse & Repeat (ft. Kah-Lo) –Riton

The Daze Factor: Recently nominated for a Grammy, this song is hot, hot hot! Day in, day out–rinse and repeat. I heard this song in one a set and my ears immediately tuned in. I had to know the song’s name. If my life were a music festival, this would probably be the theme hahaha.

8. Claire de Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg) –Flight Facilities

The Daze Factor: There’s something about the song’s softness and gentle beats that make it easy for me to listen over and over. The xylophone-esque sound in the background carries my head side-to-side #HeadSway for days.

9. Soy Yo –Bomba Estéreo

The Daze Factor: This song is whimsically empowering–totally dig the flute that carries throughout the song. Singer Lilian Saumet encourages you to do you and be who you are–no matter how outlandish. Embrace all the quirks that make you who are and don’t let haters put you down.

10. Mind Tricks, Speakerbox, Bass Head –Bassnectar 

The Daze Factor: Speakerbox for sure is one of my all-time faves, hands down. I have it in multiple playlists–it’s that infectious and gets my heart racing. However, where do I leave the handful of others? Just as his name suggest, Bassnectar’s music is pumped alive with, you already guessed: bass.

11. It’s Only (ft. Zyra) –Odesza

The Daze Factor: The subtle drum beats and  Zyra’s soft, smokey and melodious vocals make this song (IMO). Sometimes less is more, and although the lyrics aren’t the happiest (song touches upon the darkness that can sometimes be found in love) this “flowy” song calms me, odd…right?

12. Your Soul –Hippie Sabotage

The Daze Factor: This song though. Uff. Once again, slowing down the tempo. As much as I love my upbeat, fast and adrenaline rush type of songs I appreciate those songs that you can vibe and delicately head bob in a chill set.

13. Take Ü There –Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo)

The Daze Factor: This song may be going on three years, but it doesn’t get old. I first heard Kiesza before her collaboration with Jack Ü for her song Hideaway earlier in 2014. It starts off pretty slow, but then the song takes a shift transporting you to another place. Vocals range from high to low and fast to slow.

14. Pasión –Mr.Pauer

The Daze Factor: Mr. Pauer, a  (Spanish) phonetic play-on the word “power”, blends tropical, Caribbean and electronic sounds to create the Electrópico genre. Passions–good or bad–if not moderated can consume you and you find yourself wanting more and more: Busco en ti lo que odio en mi/Quiero mas de ti. A love-hate relationship that is toxic. I was instantly hooked it, ironic I know.

15. You and Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle)–Disclosure [Flume Remix]

The Daze Factor: I still remember where I was, and how I felt when I first heard this song…live. I’d heard Flume’s work before (yes, I know it’s a Disclosure original) in playlists here and there, but I didn’t really know who he was. I’d hear his songs, vibe out and never really knew it was him who I kept digging. Thank you 2014 Lollapalooza side stage.

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