The People in Our Lives

We don’t meet anyone by accident… “Everyone that’s been in your life has been there for a reason, to teach you, to love you or to experience life with you.”

Sometimes people come into our lives who are not meant to be forever,” tough pill to swallow, isn’t it? The thought that people come and go. As a person who seeks consistency (not to be confused with routine), it can be hard for me to understand this. Even now, in my late 20s it’s something I struggle with, but looking back at my younger self I know I’ve grown to (better) understand that people come into your life at the exact moment they were meant to come, and well, they’ll also (eventually) exit at the proper juncture. Change, my dear friend, is the only constant.

When one of my good friends shared the above article with me she made sure to say “short, but good read” knowing that my attention span is nil. I made a mental note (one of my many mental tabs) to read it on my way home from work. Needless to say a couple of days went by, and there it remained, an occupied tab in Safari on my phone. The weekend arrived, and I remembered I hadn’t finished reading it, so there my little fingers found themselves tapping on my iPhone’s screen searching for the link.

Life is truly a magical mystery…

My eyes immediately skimmed down to “the 5 types of cosmic connections…” (side note: I’m pretty into the whole Universe’s vibrations, spirituality, energy and such–everything is energy), interesting I thought. I appreciated their categorization:

  1. Those meant to awaken us
  2. Those who remind us
  3. Those who help us grow
  4. Those who hold space for us
  5. Those who stay

From those, the first two really resonated with me. The first discusses people who make us aware of (needed) change while the second group reference a set of people in your life who although just in your life momentarily, tend to leave an undeniable impression.

You Take “Stuff”; You Leave “Stuff Such is Life

More often than not I tend to get caught up with trying to understand the why of things (and people)–what can I say, I’m a curious being. Rather than focus on “what does this mean?” I’m practicing a different type of mindfulness aiming to relish in the moment, in the now.

So while I still have trouble with letting go (as in not go down the rabbit hole of “what if”), I’m starting to understand this feeling and occurrence isn’t “bad” instead just the way of life. Relationships aren’t the easiest, and you’ll meet all sorts of people in your life. While you can’t control their presence you can control your own reaction choosing the bits and pieces you wish to carry on with you as you navigate this thing called Life.

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