About Me & Then Some

Life in Color

Comically Unique, Rambunctiously Colorful, Musically Crazed

A blog about anything and everything. You may say, “But Daisy, shouldn’t you have a theme or focus?” And I say, let this blog go wherever I go–in fact, I invite you to come and get lost in my head…

I first started blogging back in 2009 for DePaul University, my alma mater, serving as eyes and ears for prospective students providing them with a sneak peak at life as a Blue Demon. Years later and my love for writing continues to grow, along with my curiosity, wanderlust and desire to keep a pulse on the Chicago scene (music, theater, food, culture, the works…).

And so I say again, Delirium Dazy Daze is a blog about anything and everything. About whatever wanders into my mind and the conversations that weave in and out sparking one thought and leading to the next…because [we all know] life isn’t so cookie cutter after all.

One thing I hope is that you can take as much enjoyment from reading this blog as I do from writing it.  So, don’t forget to subscribe to/follow my blog for an up-to-date on my life’s wanderings and wonderings!

My Life is a Never Ending Concert.

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