Anna Lunoe b2b Mija

Kicking off my first TUNESday with one of my favorite sets that convinced me I need to catch a show at The Lab. Vibing with a sunset as a backdrop, purely magical.

Come back every Tuesday to take a peep at some of my favorite sets and live performances.



Chris Lake — Operator (Ring, Ring) feat. Dances with White Girls

First heard Chris Lake mix this in his EDC Orlando 2016 set, and immediately fell in love with it. Music takes you back to a moment and feeling. Take a minute to listen to this fresh new track.

Operator, we have a problem. Everyone is standing, no one is dancing….



I can’t believe that every day and every night
It’s getting better with you out of my life…
When the weekend comes I know I’ll feel alive
You will be the last thing on my mind
No regrets, do you know what that means?

Kelis & Calvin Harris